Premium Lightweight Pots

Which one's your favourite? Check out our new 2016 range of oversized feature pots. Dispatching this range of premium outdoor pots from Melbourne, we ship Australia wide.

  • Colours available: Black, Urban Grey, Dark Lead, Iron Bronze, Iron Rust
  • Contemporary design - adds instant 'wow' factor
  • Large landscape planters for outdoor use
  • Various sizes available



Here's more detail:

  1. 'Hawthorn' D110 x H30cm (base 50cm) @ 26Kg
  2. 'Fairfield' D90 x H40cm (base 40cm) @ 18Kg
  3. 'Kensington' D120 x H57cm (base 40cm) @ 42Kg
  4. 'Richmond' D150 x H57cm (base 47.5cm) @ 54Kg
  5. 'Seaton' D52 x H61cm / D68 x H80cm
  6. 'Rio Negro' D60 x H31cm / D80 x H38cm / D100 x H48cm
  7. 'Egg' range is as follows:
  • D63 x H53cm (base 17cm) @ 13Kg
  • D75 x H63cm (base 12cm) @ 19Kg
  • D90 x H75cm (base 25cm) @ 21Kg
  • D100 x H100cm (base 27cm) @ 33Kg

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