Windsor Courtyard

Watch as we creatively develop this inner-Melbourne backyard (Windsor) for a young professional. Designed to maximise outdoor space, we simplified an original tired garden into a fresh, clean outdoor oasis:

  • Tropical evergreen planting scheme
  • Freshly grown backyard herbs, organic focused
  • Replace under-performing citrus tree/s
  • Painted paling fence backdrop
  • Garden lighting (by others)
  • Nutrient-rich soil added to raised garden beds
  • New mulch garden topping to assist weed control
  • New automated irrigation watering system

Our favourite? The herb & citrus garden. Filled with composted matter and planted with a selection of quality plants, providing their own edible landscape. Ask us how we can maximise your outdoor space by emailing us here.

Garden design & landscape construction in inner-Melbourne (Windsor) by Boodle Concepts.