Handmade Birdhouses

Handmade Rustic Birdhouses in Melbourne

Handmade Birdhouses

Birdhouses for sale: Handmade rustic wall art for bare feature walls

Here's a few innovative ideas for you to share your garden with nature & enjoy your cluster of birdhouses: the platform floor means you can creatively display your favourite succulents, flowers & air plants (terrariums) in the lower half (our favourite display plant is the dreamy Spanish moss Tillandsia usneoides).
Cluster the durable birdhouses in a cluster of 3 for maximum visual impact 🐦🐦🐦😍
The base platform of the birdhouse may also be used to accommodate birdseed, meal-worms & water bowls to encourage small native birds to enjoy your garden.

Installation ideas:

  • WALL ART: Recommended. Create a focal point by mounting birdhouses onto wall (single nail)
  • SCULPTURE: Mount birdhouses onto plinths/posts of varied heights in the garden
  • GARDEN STAKE: Attach birdhouses to freestanding stakes secured into the ground.

Use a combination of all 3 installation methods for maximum 'WOW' factor.


  • Locally handmade in our St Kilda Road studio, Melbourne, Australia.
  • They're wall art designs that doubles as fully-functional nesting bird boxes.
  • Made from recycled materials (corrugated iron and pre-loved wooden gates & fence palings, and old sheds)

Birdhouse sizes:

  • Single Arch: Approx 200xW150xH550mm
  • Double Storey: Approx 200xW150xH600mm.
  • Custom: Available on request.

Purchase now:

  • $57 each, or
  • $157 set of 3
  • Birdhouse Gift Voucher also available 🎁

Want to add a warm and fuzzy focal point to your outdoor space while sharing your garden with small native birds? Done.
Purchase your bird houses via our contact us page or phone direct: 0406 632 452 Birdhouses, birdhouse, bird house, bird houses, dovecote, dovecotes, dove cote, dove cotes, letter boxes, letterboxes, craft items, wooden products, bird feeders, nesting boxes, floristry boxes, wooden boxes, boodle concepts