What indigenous wildflower is that? 👀

Use this reference to ID some spectacular native flora in Melbourne & Macedon Ranges.

🌳🚶 Out and about near Kyneton?

Taking a stroll in your neighbourhood or exploring a bushwalk in your local reserve? Use this handy page to ID flora in your local nature reserve. Do you recognise any?

🔍 Want to learn more?

Join a local Landcare group to learn about flora in your local area.

Also consider including native plants at home. We're a big believer in clever use of Australian natives for the home garden. Join the revolution and discover native plants with ornamental potential. They're naturally adapted to seasonal watering, they encourage native birds to share your outdoor space, and you can be rewarded with year-round flowers.

Local native nurseries near you can help with plant selection, or contact us for a tailored garden consultation or native garden design to suit your home.

Check out how we use Australian native plants in our garden designs on our Insta page. Landscaping and garden design by Boodle Concepts in Melbourne & Macedon Ranges.

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