• ‘Tasman’ sculpture by hilt

    ‘Tasman’ sculpture by hilt

    New 2021 series of bespoke Australian-made modern sculpture by 'hilt'. Limestone sculpture with an emphasis…

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  • Philodendron garden screen

    Philodendron garden screen

    Add a contemporary focal point to your outdoor living area with our newest decorative laser…

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  • Fire Pit Bowls – Range

    Fire Pit Bowls – Range

    Use our durable outdoor fire pit casting as a planter, or a bowl to help…

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  • Wire Ball Garden Sculpture

    Wire Ball Garden Sculpture

    Affordable abstract wire sculpture to add WOW factor to your landscaped garden.

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  • Banksia Nut Garden Screen

    Banksia Nut Garden Screen

    Check out this decorative laser cut steel 'Banksia Nut' privacy garden screen, featured in our…

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  • Birdhouse Wall Art

    Birdhouse Wall Art

    🐦 Bespoke handmade birdhouses suitable for outdoor use. Plus they double as sculpture on the…

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  • Premium Lightweight Pots

    Premium Lightweight Pots

    Which pot's your favourite? 🌾🌡🌱 Check out our preferred range of lightweight feature pots

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  • Pear Garden Sculpture

    Pear Garden Sculpture

    'Pear' outdoor garden art piece that features in the Horticultural & Gardening Festival, Melbourne. The…

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  • Jellyfish Bloom wall art

    Jellyfish Bloom wall art

    Add some visual sting to your outdoor living area with our newest decorative laser cut…

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