Boodle Concepts – Terms & Conditions

We require a 50% deposit to begin (unless otherwise stated) with the balance due within 7 days of completion. Our quotes are valid for 30 days. Any Deposit paid by the Client to Boodle Concepts is non-refundable. The balance of the agreed price is to be paid by the Client to Boodle Concepts as directed by Boodle Concepts, either prior to delivery and installation of the goods, or otherwise in accordance with our normal terms of payment. We reserve the right to request instalment payments when necessary. All material remains the property of Boodle Concepts until full payment is received. Your deposit payment is understood as acceptance of the Terms & Conditions.

No claim is accepted unless in writing and received within 7 days of completion of job.

Any obstructions removed by us on or below the fence line will be charged as extras. Any additional works will be charged @ Boodle Concepts’ hourly rate. Obligation of the client to make power and water available on site. All care taken but no responsibility underground hazards, i.e: sewerage, water pipes, gas pipes, electric cables & windows. No responsibility taken for ground / earth movement.

Boundaries: It is the client's responsibility to have the boundary surveyed. It is your responsibility to ensure the surveyor's peg is placed in the correct positions.

Pre-Existing cracks in concrete, brickwork, render etc have the potential to reappear over time, likely because of earth movement etc even when flexible composite fillers are used.

It is very important and the sole responsibility of the Client to ensure we are made aware of any special/statutory bylaws/conditions/permissions that may be involved, before commencing any works.

It is the responsibility of the Client to manage any building permit and or engineering/surveying works, along with any costs involved. We recommend the Client confirms design intentions with their local Council to comply with permit requirements. Every Council has different requirements, however as a general rule, if you’re constructing a retaining wall over 1 metre in height or a deck over 20 square metres, then you will require a permit.

Pool fences, climbable structures, swimming pools & spas:  Although Boodle Concepts may offer landscaping suggestions, services or recommendations within the pool/spa area, the final onus is on the landowner to further research and consider local authorities in regards to pool & fencing, easements etc and have final responsibility before placing deposit and/or the commencement of works.

Third Parties: In instances when the client agrees to deal directly with a Third Party or Third Party product/s (without any financial loading or margin applied from Boodle Concepts landscaping) then the Client accepts full supervision, responsibility and liability of these additional works and expenses.

Great care is taken to remove all weeds/roots from the site when being prepared but Boodle Concepts cannot accept responsibility for subsequent weed growth on completion of the project.

Upon practical completion the responsibility for the care and watering of all plants, lawns, etc is handed over to the client and will require regular attention until established. We are unable to accept responsibility for the upkeep, longevity and healthiness of living plant material and turf following practical completion unless a maintenance agreement had previously been made.

We reserve the right: 1/ to substitute products & materials with those of equal or better quality and as similar as possible to the specified products, and 2/ to photograph our projects for marketing purposes, 3/ to cancel any contract at any time; the client does not reciprocate this right, and 4/ to delegate or subcontract some or all of the tasks if necessary, at my own discretion.

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