What native wattle is that? πŸ‘€

Here's your visual guide to discovering local Acacias around Melbourne & Macedon Ranges Vic.

Wattles flowering in abundance indicates an exciting period: the start of Spring! Fragrance in flowers is one of those brilliantly evocative things. Like others, the distinctive smell of wattle brings back memories of childhood bushwalks.

By celebrating National Wattle Day (1st Sept annually), Boodle Concepts is in partnership with both the Friends of Gisborne Botanic Gardens and the Friends of Daly Reserve in creating greater awareness and appreciation for these eye-catching acacia species in the Kyneton - Woodend - Gisborne areas within the Macedon Ranges region.

πŸ”Ž Did you know?

  • Wattles fix nitrogen in the soil. The essential nutrient is excellent for developing gardens and in revegetation projects
  • Australia’s floral emblem is a wattle: Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha)
  • Wattle seeds have very hard coats which mean they can survive in the ground for decades, waiting for a cool fire to stimulate germination.
  • Leaves vs phyllodes – β€˜leaves’ on wattles that look like normal leaves or needle-like leaves are technically not leaves at all. They are phyllodes, or modified leaf stems. Plot twist: a few wattle species do not develop phyllodes and instead retain true leaves throughout their life (eg. Acacia dealbata, Acacia mearnsii).

Take a look at the image gallery below. Can you recognise any of these Macedon Ranges wattles?

Use this handy page to ID wattles in your local nature reserve:

πŸ₯¨ Wattle seed as bush food

The seeds are highly prized by both wandering aboriginals & contemporary chefs. Recipes like 'wattle seed biscuits' form part of the recent bush tucker / superfood revolution.

Aborigines would grind the seeds into nutritious flour rich in polycarbohydrates and very high in protein content. Flat bread, baked in the ashes after hours of grinding and winnowing, resulted in a tasty wattle seed flower treat. 

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Native Acacia wattles in Macedon Ranges, Melbourne

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